Storytellers Attack (FEST 2008)

At the end of the FEST meeting (FEST = Federation for European Story Telling) in Oslo in 2008, Swedish organisator Mats Rehnman drew a large Viking ship. Each country wrote down their promise for 2009 in this Viking ship. The Dutch wrote in it:

"We will translate the concept of "Storyteller attack", so every country can adopt this project in its own way and do it on World Storytelling Day at 20 th March 2009".

This web page contains the translation in English of 'Vertellers in de Aanval': Storytellers Attack.

We invite and encourage all storytellers to set up a storytellers attack in your own country, your city. You can organize this ‘Attack’ on your own, or with other storytellers. Either way, you will be very successful!

We are happy to hear from you afterwards. You can share your experiences or photos on the Facebook group for World Storytelling Day.

Good luck and… enjoy your World Storytelling Day!

De Hollandse belofte

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